December 21, 2023

Threaded Button Bit: Can It Be Reused?

The threaded button bit is a tool used in rock or soil drilling, which is often used in exploration, geological drilling, water well drilling and other fields. Because of the high hardness of rock or soil, the drill bit is easy to break and wear during use, so it breaks easily.

The service life of threaded button bit is affected by many factors, such as hardness of rock or soil, service frequency and service mode and so on, Under normal conditions, the use of threaded button bit in dozens to hundreds of times, can not be used for a long time, and need to be replaced in a timely manner.


In order to improve the service life of the threaded button bit, the following methods should also be taken.

Reasonable selection of button shape of threaded button bit.

  • The correct choice of button shape of threaded button bit can not only prolong the service life of the bit, but also increase the piercing speed and reduce the piercing cost. The selection of the button shape of the bit is mainly based on the physical and mechanical properties of the ore, as well as the compressive strength, hardness and drillability of the rock. In addition, the diameter and water content of the bore hole and the technical performance of the rotary drill should be considered.
  1. When drilling in hard rock formation, we usually use the threaded button bit, because the button of the bit protrude shorter, but the distribution of button is more dense, can withstand greater axial pressure, suitable for drilling in extremely hard and wear-resistant ore rock.
  2. If perforating in soft rock formation, we usually use bit with long and sparse button, which is suitable for perforating in soft rock and plastic rock.

  If they are not used properly, the button bit will be used in soft rock drilling, although the starting life is long, but the drilling speed is very low. After taking into account the drilling costs, the total drilling costs are higher. Conversely, if a wedge-toothed drill is used to bore in extremely hard and wear-resistant ore, the alloy teeth will soon wear out or break. Therefore, reasonable selection of bit tooth shape can improve the service life of the bit.

  • The drilling speed of the bit, the physical and mechanical properties of the rock being drilled, the axial pressure exerted on the bit, the rotary speed of the drilling tool, the torque of the bit, the shape of the teeth of the tooth and the number of teeth taking part in crushing the rock at the same time, and the amount of Compressed air being blown through the holes. According to the rock crushing mechanism of the drilling hole, the main parameters of the drilling system are axial pressure, rotary speed and slag discharge air volume.
  1. Effect of axial compression on bit life.

In order to break the rock effectively, it is necessary to apply enough axial pressure to the bit, so that the stress caused by the tooth of the tooth is enough to overcome the compressive strength of the rock, but there is a reasonable value in the axial pressure applied to the bit, neither too big nor too small. When the axial pressure value exceeds a certain degree, the axial pressure then increases, the piercing speed does not increase, the axial pressure is too large will also cause the fracture of cemented carbide teeth or make the bit bearing damage.

2. The influence of rotary speed on bit

In a certain range, the drilling speed of the roller drill increases with the increase of the rotary speed of the drilling tool, but if the rotary speed is too high, it will not only make it difficult to discharge slag at the bottom of the hole, but also produce strong vibration, affect bit life.

The rotation speed of the bit must ensure that the teeth of the cone have enough contact time with the rock, in order to reach the effective volume of rock  fragmentation, in the hard rock, with the increase of the rotation speed, the impact load increases, the wear of tooth and bearing of the gear is obviously increased, therefore, the use of high speed is limited. But when the rock is soft, it usually adopts the working state of high rotational speed and low axial pressure.

       3.Influence of air volume of ballast discharge on bit life

The volume of air discharge directly affects the service life of cone bit. With the increase of air flow, the rock debris at the bottom of the hole can be effectively blown and the rock crushing condition of the teeth can be improved. At the same time, it can reduce the wear of the claw back, and can better cool the cone bearing and prolong the life of the cone. In addition, the hole bottom debris can be reduced and the effective hole depth can be increased.

However, it should be pointed out that the smooth discharge of rock debris at the bottom of the hole depends mainly on the air-back velocity, which is influenced by the air volume and the annular space between the drill pipe and the hole wall. Therefore, when considering the effect of ballast discharge, can not simply pursue the capacity of air compressor. Not only can achieve a good ballast removal effect, but also to reduce unnecessary air consumption.

In short, although the button bit can not long-term re-use, but can be through maintenance and maintenance measures to extend its life, reduce the number of replacement, saving costs. When using threaded button bit, it is necessary to protect bit, clean and store it in time, and follow the correct way to ensure drilling effect and safety.

Threaded Button Bit: Can It Be Reused?

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