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April 15, 2022

After Chinese gunpowder 160 years ago, Nobel and his sons in Sweden invented nitro-glycerine gelatinous explosive and used it for road building and mining, which triggered the “real industrial revolution” that led to the rapid growth of social wealth. Until 1921, the invention of WC-Co cemented carbide by Schlüterer in Germany rapidly formed two industries: cemented carbide cutting tools and cemented carbide rock drilling tools (drilling tools), which led to the rapid development of mechanical and extractive industries and was known as “the teeth of industrial development”. The two inventions of industrial explosives and cemented carbide have increased mankind’s ability to conquer nature, accelerated the development of transportation, energy and resources, and promoted the rapid development of basic industries such as metallurgy, machinery, electronics, chemicals and construction, as well as the rise of high-tech industries such as nuclear energy, computers and aerospace.

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So far, modern rock drilling and blasting technology and geotechnical excavation operations have become the main means for mankind to claim resources from rocks and to open up space for survival and development underground. This requires long-term cooperation among experts in rock drilling, blasting, rock crushing, mining, materials, metallurgy, steel, mechanics, physics, chemicals, electronics, mathematics, mechanics, biology (simulation) and other fields. The development of long-life rock drilling tools (drilling tools) has become a major engineering technology problem of the new century that must be solved for the global extractive industry to deal with rocks in an efficient and low-consumption manner.

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The extractive industry is one of the basic industries of the national economy. In order to improve the living conditions and environment, human beings need to extract more resources, widen the living space, build more convenient roads and construct more energy and national defense bases. Rock drilling tools (drilling tools) is an essential tool in mining, infrastructure construction, in domestic and foreign mining, railroad, highway construction, port, power station defense projects and other construction, as well as urban construction, quarrying and other fields in a large number of different types of rock drilling tools (drilling tools) products, rock drilling tools (drilling tools) is the rock or geotechnical drilling and blasting method of construction tools to drill blast holes, according to the construction method and According to the different construction methods and operation methods, it can be divided into several categories and thousands of varieties of specifications, such as top hammer type, scraping type, submersible type and rotary type.

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Let’s take a look at the classification of each segment of the brazing steel brazing tool industry:

I. Light-Duty Rock Drilling Tools for Machine

1.Tapered rock drilling rods

2.Integral rock drilling tools

3. Tapered Chisel bit, Tapered cross bit, tapered button bit,tapered cross bit, taper horse button bit.

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II. Rock tools for pneumatic guideway rock drilling machinery


III. Rock Drilling tools for hydraulic rock drill trucks


2.Underground mining

3.Open pit rock drilling


IV. Low and high wind pressure submerged drilling tools:

1.Open-pit rock drilling

2.Underground mining


V. Drilling tools for mining tooth wheel drilling tools and drilling tools for patio drilling rigs

1、Rotary drill teeth

2、Tench drilling tool bits

3、Rotary disc

4、Drill pipe


VI. Drilling tools for metallurgical furnaces


VI  all kinds of cut-off drilling tools

1、Cut-off teeth for coal mining machine

2、Engineering rotary drilling rigs with cut-off teeth

3、Screw teeth for road and municipal construction machinery

4、Screw teeth for large open excavation machinery

5、Channel excavation machinery with cut-off teeth


VIII. Drilling tools for shield machine and non-excavation drilling rig

1、Disc type hob

2、Tooth type hob



Nine, other types of drilling tools

1、All kinds of chisel picks

2、Pickaxe for hydraulic crushing hammer

3、Small hole diameter diamond anchor drilling tools

4、Geological exploration drilling tools




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