Retrac Top hammer drill bits

Retrac Top hammer drill bits

King Kong rock drilling tools thread button drill bits are made by high quality alloy steel bar and tungsten carbides. Through heat treatment, our drilling tools are tough enough to meet rock drilling demands and have the least loss of energy while drilling the rocks.

Product Description

Retrac Top hammer drill bits

Retrac Top hammer drill bits

As a China retrac button bit supplier, we can provide you with high-quality button bit includes retrac rock drill bits, such as R25 retract button bit, R28 retract button bit, R32 retrac button bit, R35 retrac button bit, R38 retrac button bit, T38 retract drill bit, T45 retract drill bit, T51 retract drill bit, GT60 retract button bit, ST58 retrac button bit, ST68 retrac button bit, SR35 retrac drill bit and other types of rock drill bit.

Technical data
Technical Parameters
ModelHead ShapeHead DiameterLengthPort HolesSide HolesGauge Buttons
R32Flat Face511303/6*Φ10
R32Flat Face571303/6*Φ10
R38Flat Face641403/6*Φ11
R38Center Drop Face761604/8*Φ11
R38Center Drop Face891704/8*Φ12
T38Center Drop Face641602/8*Φ9
T38Flat Face701603/6*Φ11
T38Center Drop Face761604/8*Φ11
T38Center Drop Face891704/8*Φ12
T45Center Drop Face721604/8*Φ11
T45Center Drop Face761604/8*Φ12
T45Center Drop Face891704/8*Φ12
T45Center Drop Face1021804/8*Φ13
T45Triangle Face891704/8*Φ13
T45Flat Triangle Face1021753/9*Φ13
T45Flat Triangle Face1151753/9*Φ14
T51Center Drop Face891704/8*Φ12
T51Center Drop Face1021804/8*Φ13
T51Flat Face115185228*Φ14
T51Center Drop Face1271854/8*Φ14
T51Flat Triangle Face1021853/9*Φ13
T51Flat Triangle Face1151853/9*Φ14
T51Flat Triangle Face1271853/9*Φ14
ST58Flat Face1021803/9*Φ13
ST58Flat Face115185228*Φ14
ST58Center Drop Face1271854/8*Φ14
GT60Flat Triangle Face1022123/9*Φ13
GT60Flat Triangle Face1152123/9*Φ14
GT60Flat Triangle Face1272123/9*Φ16
GT60Flat Triangle Face1402253/9*Φ16
ST68Center Drop Face1021854/8*Φ14
ST68Center Drop Face1151854/8*Φ14
ST68Center Drop Face1271904/8*Φ14
ST68Center Drop Face1401904/8*Φ16

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Retrac Top hammer drill bits

  • The technical support team may provide remote or on-site support to resolve issues encountered by users during use.
  • Provide original spare parts to ensure timely replacement of worn or damaged parts to maintain the normal operation of DTH bits.
  • Timely information reply throughout the day, the first time to solve your problems.

Retrac Top hammer drill bits


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