MF Drill Rod

MF Drill Rod

Male/Female (M/F) rod, Speed rod
●Thread Sizes: R32, T38, T45, T51
●Rod Diameters: Round 32mm, Round 39mm, Round 46mm, Round 52mm
●Effective Lengths: 915mm to 6,100mm Top Hammer Drill Rod is mainly used in underground mining and bench drilling

Product Description

MF Drill Rod

MF Drill Rod

As an MF Rod manufacturer, we have two MF rod factories in China. Our MF drill rods are made of high-quality alloy steel and advanced thread manufacturing technology, and have excellent performance in wear resistance and flexibility. We offer speed drill rods with various threads, such as R23 MF drill rod, R32 MF drill rod, R38 MF rod, T35 MF rod, T38 MF drill rod, T45 MF rod, MF rod T51, GT60 MF drill rod, SR35 speed rod, etc.

Technical data
Technical Parameters
Product NameRod sizeSpecificationLengthRod type
R25 RodRound25R25-R25-R252430M/MExtension rod
Round28R25-R28-R251350M/MExtension rod
R32 RodHex25R32-H25-R252900M/MExtension rod
Hex28R32-H28-R282435M/MExtension rod
R32-H28-R282435M/FSpeed rod
Hex32R32-H32-R252742M/MExtension rod
R32-H32-R252742M/FSpeed rod
R32R32-R32-R321525M/MExtension rod
R38 RodHex32R38-H32-R323100M/MExtension rod
Hex35R38-H35-R321350F/FExtension rod
R38-H35-R322435M/MExtension rod
R38-H35-R322435M/FSpeed rod
R38-H35-R324270M/MExtension rod
R38-H35-R324270M/FSpeed rod
R38-H35-R324880M/MExtension rod
R38-H35-R324880M/FSpeed rod
T38 RodHex32T38-H32-R324305M/MExtension rod
T38-H32-R324305F/MSpeed rod
R39T38-R39-T381220M/FSpeed rod
T38-R39-T381525M/FSpeed rod
T38-R39-T383050M/MExtension rod
T38-R39-T383050M/FSpeed rod
T38-R39-T383660M/FSpeed rod
T38-R39-T384260M/FSpeed rod
Hex35T38-H35-R324260M/FSpeed rod
T38-H35-R324260M/MExtension rod
T38-H35-R323700M/MExtension rod
T38-H35-R323700M/FSpeed rod
T38-H35-R324305M/MExtension rod
T38-H35-R324305M/FSpeed rod
T45 RodRound46T45-R46-T451525M/FSpeed rod
T45-R46-T453050M/MExtension rod
T45-R46-T453660M/FSpeed rod
T45-R46-T454270F/MSpeed rod
T51 RodRound52T51-R52-T513660M/MExtension rod
T51-R52-T513660M/FSpeed rod
T51-R52-T514270M/FSpeed rod

MF speed rod 3 MF speed rod 4


MF Drill Rod

  • The technical support team may provide remote or on-site support to resolve issues encountered by users during use.
  • Provide original spare parts to ensure timely replacement of worn or damaged parts to maintain the normal operation of DTH bits.
  • Timely information reply throughout the day, the first time to solve your problems.

MF Drill Rod


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