COP1238-T45-500 Shank adapter

COP1238-T45-500 Shank adapter

The shank adapters are manufactured from specially selected alloy steels followed by heat treatment through carburizing which withstands the high impact power of drilling.

Product Description

COP1238-T45-500 Shank adapter

COP1238-T45-500 Shank adapter Introduction

Our shank adapters are suitable for a variety of brand rock drill models, such as Atlas Copco (Epiroc) rock drills: BBC43, BBC44, BBC45, BBC100, BBC51, BBC52, BBC54, BBC120, BBE56, BBE57, COP125, COP130, COP131, COP 1028, COP 1032, COP 1036, COP1038, COP 1132, COP1238, COP1240, COP1440, COP1550, COP1638, COP1838, COP2238, COP1838EX, COP2150EX, COP 4050, COP4050EX rock drills, etc.

Atlas CopcoBBC 43/44/45/100; BBC 51/52/54/120; BBE 57; COP125/130/131; COP1032HD; COP1032/1036/1038HB; COP1038HD/1238; COP1038HL; COP1238; COP1432/1532/1440/1838HD/1838ME; COP1550/1838ME/1838HE; COP1550EX/1838EX; COP1840HE/1850; COP2150/2550; COP2160/2560; COP4050EX; COP4050MUX;
TamrockHL300; HL300S; HLX3; HLX3F; L400/410/500/510/550; HL438/538; HLR438L/438T; HL438LS/438TS/538/538L/L550S; HL500-38/510-38; HL500-45/510-45; HL500S-38/510S-38/510B/510HL; HL500F/510F; HL550 SUPER/560 SUPER/510S-45; HLX5/5T; HLX5 PE-45; HL600-45/600S-45; HL600-52/600S-52; HL645/645S; HL650-45/700-45/700T-45/710-45/800T-45; HL650-52/700-52/710-52/800T-52; HL850/850S; HL1000-52/1000S-52; HL1000-60; HL1000-80; HL1000S-80; HL1000 PE-52; HL1000 PE-65/1500 PE-65/1560 T-65; HL1500-52/1500T-52; HL1500-60/1500T-60; HL1500-T80; HL1500-S80; HL1500-SPE90;
FurukawaM120/200; PD200R; HD260/300; HD609; HD612/712;
Ingersoll-RandURD475/550; VL120/140; EVL130, F16; YH65/80; YH65RP/70RP/75RP/80RP;
MontabertHC40; HC80/90/105/120; H100; HC120/150; HC80R/120R/150R; HC200;
SIGHBM50/100/120; SIG101;
Boart LongyearHD125/150/160; HE125/150

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COP1238-T45-500 Shank adapter

  • The technical support team may provide remote or on-site support to resolve issues encountered by users during use.
  • Provide original spare parts to ensure timely replacement of worn or damaged parts to maintain the normal operation of DTH bits.
  • Timely information reply throughout the day, the first time to solve your problems.

COP1238-T45-500 Shank adapter


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