COP HTL60-T38-460 Shank adapter

COP HTL60-T38-460 Shank adapter

The shank adapters are manufactured from specially selected alloy steels followed by heat treatment through carburizing which withstands the high impact power of drilling.

Product Description

COP HTL60-T38-460 Shank adapter

COP HTL60-T38-460 Shank adapter

Our shank adapters are suitable for a variety of brand rock drill models, such as Atlas Copco (Epiroc) rock drills: BBC43, BBC44, BBC45, BBC100, BBC51, BBC52, BBC54, BBC120, BBE56, BBE57, COP125, COP130, COP131, COP 1028, COP 1032, COP 1036, COP1038, COP 1132, COP1238, COP1240, COP1440, COP1550, COP1638, COP1838, COP2238, COP1838EX, COP2150EX, COP 4050, COP4050EX rock drills, etc.

Atlas CopcoBBC 43/44/45/100; BBC 51/52/54/120; BBE 57; COP125/130/131; COP1032HD; COP1032/1036/1038HB; COP1038HD/1238; COP1038HL; COP1238; COP1432/1532/1440/1838HD/1838ME; COP1550/1838ME/1838HE; COP1550EX/1838EX; COP1840HE/1850; COP2150/2550; COP2160/2560; COP4050EX; COP4050MUX;
TamrockHL300; HL300S; HLX3; HLX3F; L400/410/500/510/550; HL438/538; HLR438L/438T; HL438LS/438TS/538/538L/L550S; HL500-38/510-38; HL500-45/510-45; HL500S-38/510S-38/510B/510HL; HL500F/510F; HL550 SUPER/560 SUPER/510S-45; HLX5/5T; HLX5 PE-45; HL600-45/600S-45; HL600-52/600S-52; HL645/645S; HL650-45/700-45/700T-45/710-45/800T-45; HL650-52/700-52/710-52/800T-52; HL850/850S; HL1000-52/1000S-52; HL1000-60; HL1000-80; HL1000S-80; HL1000 PE-52; HL1000 PE-65/1500 PE-65/1560 T-65; HL1500-52/1500T-52; HL1500-60/1500T-60; HL1500-T80; HL1500-S80; HL1500-SPE90;
FurukawaM120/200; PD200R; HD260/300; HD609; HD612/712;
Ingersoll-RandURD475/550; VL120/140; EVL130, F16; YH65/80; YH65RP/70RP/75RP/80RP;
MontabertHC40; HC80/90/105/120; H100; HC120/150; HC80R/120R/150R; HC200;
SIGHBM50/100/120; SIG101;
Boart LongyearHD125/150/160; HE125/150

COP HTL60-T38-460 Shank adapter


COP HTL60-T38-460 Shank adapter

  • The technical support team may provide remote or on-site support to resolve issues encountered by users during use.
  • Provide original spare parts to ensure timely replacement of worn or damaged parts to maintain the normal operation of DTH bits.
  • Timely information reply throughout the day, the first time to solve your problems.

COP HTL60-T38-460 Shank adapter


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