KNSH-110 DTH Button Bit

KNSH-110 DTH Button Bit

KNSH P110 DTH button bits are used for Russian market. The Russian DTH button bits including the KNSH110 and KNSH130 like the p110,P130,P150,P170 etc hammer and button bits.

Product Description

KNSH-110 DTH Button Bit

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KNSH-110 DTH Button Bit is for DTH Hammer, for hard reck drilling, it is work with KNSH-110 hammer。

KNSH-110PButton bit for hammer
solderingMethod for fixing the hard alloy
110Nominal diameter, mm
52Shank diameter, mm
177The length of button, mm
4,2Weight, mm
7 pcs,Ø12Middle button
8 pcs,Ø14Side button


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