HY18 DTH hammer

HY18 DTH hammer

18 inch DTH hammer is kind of pneumatic rock drilling tools, the difference from others is during drilling process hammer always stay in the bottom of the hole, impact the rock by bit from hammer directly. High pressure air enter into the hammer through drill pipe, then run out from drill bits, exhaust air used to blow up cuttings from the bottom of hole. The rotating power acting on DTH hammer comes from rotaion motor on the drill rig, the pull force comes from feeding device and transfer the energy to hammer through drill pipe.

Product Description

HY18 DTH hammer for well drill

HY18 DTH hammer/NUMA 180

KING KONG brand DTH Hammers are faster, more service friendly and longer lasting, compared with most drilling products in the market.

The optimal performance of LEANOMS DTH Hammers includes:

1. High productivity.

2. Longer service life.

3. Low energy consumption.

Effiency increase by 20%-30%, which means the higher drilling output will deliver maximum profit for you.

KING KONG brand DTH Hammer Types coverage: DHD/COP/HD/IR/TD/COPROD/QL/SD/Mission/Numa/Mach etc. Size range: 2”-24”


Mining, quarrying, water well drilling, geothermal well drilling, foundation piling, etc

HY18 DTH hammer

HY18 DTH hammer working principle

  1. Drilling bit press against the rock.
  2. High pressure air burst through the check valve from drill pipe, enter the front cavity of hammer.
  3. The increase of the front cavity volume push the piston to move upward.
  4. When the piston moves up to a certain extent, the front cavity deflates and the compressed air enter into the back cavity. Piston keep moving upward because of inertia.
  5. When the piston to a certain extent, due to the compression of the back cavity and the increase of air pressure, the piston starts to impact downward which forming an impact strok. Moves up circles as the above process to achieve impact and complete rock drilling.

HY18 DTH hammer

HY18 DTH hammer


HY18 DTH hammer

  • The technical support team may provide remote or on-site support to resolve issues encountered by users during use.
  • Provide original spare parts to ensure timely replacement of worn or damaged parts to maintain the normal operation of DTH bits.
  • Timely information reply throughout the day, the first time to solve your problems.

HY18 DTH hammer


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