YT29A Pusher Leg rock drill (Jack Leg)

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  • YT29A air leg rock drill jack hammer/ bosch breaker hammer power tools :
  • 1.Good quality with strict quality system control, ISO9001,MA,CE :
  • 2.Reasonable price with self manufacturing and self-management export :
  • 3.Work with FT160A/FT160C air leg :
  • 4.Safe for coal mining,tunnel and quarry use:

Product Description

YT29A rock drill as equipemnt rack is the most rugged, powerful and highly efficient rock drill in the range. It provides improved productivity and drill steel economy and can be used on all rock formations and in various applications.



YT29A pusher legs and stoper rock drills cover all construction, tunnelling and mining applications in different rock formations. They are robust designed, with high impact energy and low air consumption. All of the rock drills have water flushing, rifle bar rotation and the pusher leg control is placed at the back head of the rock drill. An in-line lubricator is included in the delivery of each rock drill. Together with the appropriate pusher leg, the rock drill forms an attractive and cost effective drilling unit.


YT29A Pusher Leg Rock Drill Technical Spec

Overall dimensions (L*W*H)659x248x205mm
Cylinder diameter82mm
Piston structure stroke60mm
Working air pressure0.40-0.63MPa
Impact energy≥78(0.63MPa)J
Drilling gas consumption≤88(0.63MPa)L/s
Drilling impact frequency≥39 (0.63MPa)Hz
Water pressure0.3MPa
Inner diameter of trachea25mm
Water pipe inner diameter13mm
The suitable drilling hole diameter is34-45mm
Suitable maximum drilling depth5m
Working temperature-30-45℃
Drill tail specificationH22x108±1mm



YT29A jack hammer repair kit

FT160A air leg Technical Spec


Air leg length1668mm
Propulsion stroke1338mm
Cylinder inner diameter65mm




FT160A air-leg repair kit


YT29A air leg rock drill spare parts list

13312310170Pin523312311876Rotation sleeve
23312310020Air pipe nut533312310206Rod bushing d-25
33312310175Wing nut543312310339Pad
43312310022Air pipe swivel553312310680O-ring
53312310169Spring563312310013Steel retainer springs
63312310633O-ring573312310056Rifle nut
73312300400Pneumatic support FT-160B583312310039Dowel pin
83312300314Pusher leg rock drill YT-29A593312310052Valve chest
93312300609Pneumatic support FT-160A603312310053Valve
103312310176Conical pipe connector613312311860Valve sleeve
113312310177Pipe connector623312311861Rifle bar
123312310143Water pipe connector633312310059Guide Coupling Kit
143312310144Water pipe nut653312310697Hex. Thin nut
153312310157Bushing rod663312311864Side bolt
173312310164Pad683312311866Water tube
183312310172Retaining ring693312311875Front head
193312310727Large seal sleeve703312311865Air tube
203312310152Right handle713312310713Nonmetal hex. Locking nut
213312310146Spring723312312367YT-29A perforator oiler
223312310167Fixing nut733312311820Steel retainer bolt
233312310099Expansion743312311821Locking mechanism of the working tool
243312310154Left handle753312310716Standard spring pad
253312310155Ratchet pawl763312310341Retaining sleeve
263312310726Seal sleeve773312311050Gas deflector
273312310149Retaining ring783312310338Lock nut
283312310145Water pipe connector retaining ring793312310340Rubber pad
293312311868Control valve803312310677O-ring
303312310141Control handle813312310681O-ring
313312310704Hex. Thin nut823312310353Air tube rubber pad
323312310161Water valve body833312310342Frame
333312310150Change valve843312310350Guide sleeve
343312310174Pad853312310343Pillow frame
353312310101Pressure regulating valve863312310675O-ring
363312310153Shockproof handle873312310356Retaining ring
373312310163Water valve883312310358Outer pipe
383312310160Spring893312310351Central bolt
393312310159Spring cover903312310352Step
403312310165Rubber pad913312311016Hex Nut
413312310050Back head923312310347Double Yx O-Ring
423312310642O-ring933312310386Air tube
433312310151Trigger943312310344Rubber ring
443312310708Elastic pin953312310346Yx – sealing ring
453312310173Steel retaining ring963312310348Outer pipe
463312310135Rotation nut973312310357Lower suction tube
483312310035Water tube bush993312310718Spring
493312310166Air tube pad1003312310345Supporting ring
503312310051Ratchet1013312310387Dust cap


Additional Information

Weight29 kg
Dimensions150 × 40 × 25 cm

Blue, Black or red etc


YT29A drill rig


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