KG420 Hydraulic Down The Hole Drilling Rig

KG420 Hydraulic Down The Hole Drilling Rig

Hydraulic Down The Hole Rock Drilling Rig 0 – 120 Rpm Rotary Speed For Hard Rock Blasting

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KG420 Hydraulic Down The Hole Drilling Rig is a type of drilling equipment used in various industries, particularly in mining, oil and gas exploration, and geothermal energy extraction. This type of drill rig is designed to penetrate the Earth’s subsurface by using hydraulic power to drive the drilling process.

Hydraulic Down The Hole Rock Drilling Rig 0 – 120 Rpm Rotary Speed For Hard Rock Blasting

Machine Type:Crawler MountedApplication:Mining,Quarry,DTH Drilling
Drilli25mng Diameter:90-115mmDrilling Hardness:F=6-20
Rotary Speed:0-120 RpmLifting Force:40 KN
Climing Capacity:≤30°Dimension:6000*2100*2500mm
Weight:5200 Kg
High Light:Rock Drilling Rig Machine,

Dth Rock Drilling Rig,

Hard Rock Drilling Rig

KG420 Crawler-mounted portable hydraulic cheap down the hole drilling rig for hard rock blasting

KG420 Hydraulic Down The Hole Drilling Rig

KG420 Hydraulic Down The Hole Drilling Rig for open use is an improved device in compliance with national regulations in diesel-engine emissions.  The folding frame track, four-wheel drive and tramming motor of plunger piston improve the working pressure and climbing capacity, the expanded pith and lifting-arm hydraulic cylinder enable it to meet the requirements on extreme position. The double-motor rotation increases the rotary torque and revolving speed; and the lifting hydraulic cylinder and chain are expanded to promote the lifting force and reliability. The thickened profile folder is used for the housing, thus improving its level of intensity and rigidity, and the additional ring makes handling and lifting convenient.

Hydraulic Down The Hole Rock Drilling Rig 0 - 120 Rpm Rotary Speed For Hard Rock Blasting 0


KG420 Hydraulic Down The Hole Drilling Rig for granite are specially designed drill equipment, which can be widely used for surface drilling such as quarry, railway construction, road construction, small to medium mining operation and etc. High performance features higher penetration rate with lower fuel consumption. Compressed air is used to operate crawler drill hammer for blast holes drilling, bench hole drilling, grout hole drilling, anchor hole drilling and etc.


KG420 Hydraulic Down The Hole Drilling Rig often use a mud circulation system to cool the drill bit, carry cuttings to the surface, and provide stability to the borehole walls. The drilling mud is pumped down through the drill string and returns to the surface through the annular space between the drill string and the borehole.

These drill rigs are highly specialized and can vary in size and configuration depending on the specific application and geological conditions. They play a crucial role in various industries by enabling the extraction of valuable resources from beneath the Earth’s surface.

KG420 drilling rig
Model KG420 down the hole drilling rig
Rock rigidityf=8-12
Diameter of holeΦ90-115mm
Depth of economical drilling25m
Rotation speed0-120r/min
Rotation torque1800N·m
Lift power40000N
Feed wayoil cylinder-leaf chain
Feed distance3980mm
Walk speed0-2.5Km/h
Ground clearance500mm
Size of drill machine6000x2150x2500
Sliding carriage pitch angleBlow 135°,up50°, total 185°
Sliding carriage swing angleLeft100°,right45°,total 145°
Sliding carriage suppling length900mm
PowerYUCHAI 4DKC4G2-80 (58KW/2200r/min)
Drill pipeΦ76x3000mm
Air consumption10-17m³/min
Max height of horizontal hole2750mm
Min height of horizontal hole350mm



KG420 Hydraulic Down The Hole Drilling Rig after-sales service should include technical support:

  • Provide a professional technical support team, at any time for customers to answer equipment operation, maintenance and troubleshooting problems.
  • Supply of spare parts and spare parts to ensure customers have access to high-quality replacement parts in a timely manner. This helps reduce downtime in the event of equipment failure and keeps the equipment operating at its best。
  • Providing customized service and support according to the specific needs of the customer, ensuring that the equipment can meet the needs of the customer to the maximum.



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1 set


10000-20000 USD

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Wooden Box

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7-10 days

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T/T, L/C, D/A, D/P, Western Union, MoneyGram

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100 set per month


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