JC860 hydraulic down-hole drill rig

JC860 hydraulic down-hole drill rig

40m Blasting Drilling Machine Big Rotation Torque Two Motor Rotary Head


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JC860 hydraulic down-hole drill rig is a type of drilling equipment used in various industries, particularly in mining, oil and gas exploration, and geothermal energy extraction. This type of drill rig is designed to penetrate the Earth’s subsurface by using hydraulic power to drive the drilling process.

40m Blasting Drilling Machine Big Rotation Torque Two Motor Rotary Head

Drilling Depth:40mDrilling Diameter:90-152mm
Max Swing Of Boom:45° Left / 45° RightShipping Dimension(L*W*H):6000*2000*2480mm
Drilling Rod Diameter:60,76,89mmNet Weight:5500kgs
Ground Clearance:252mmCompressor Type:Rotary Screw/Movable
Engine Type:4Cylinder,water CoolingMax. Travel Speed(Slow/Fast):2/3Km/h
High Light:rock blasting drilling machine


big rotation torque blasting drilling machine


rock drilling machine for blasting

big rotation torque two motor rotary head rock blasting drilling rig for 40m drilling.

JC860 hydraulic down-hole drill rig

40m Blasting Drilling Machine Big Rotation Torque Two Motor Rotary Head

JC860 hydraulic down-hole drill rig is a multi-functional drill rig driven by internal combustion engine, the drilling power was provided by hydraulic system except for impacting and the hole cleaning wind. It is convenient and efficient to operate.

JC860 hydraulic down-hole drill rig is the best replacement for traditional pneumatic drills in most operation. The drill is compact in structure, simple in operation, light in total weight.


JC860 hydraulic crawler drilling rig is widely used for blast-hole drilling in the mines and quarries. It is also used for anchor in road, railway, power station, civil engineering and building etc.


The Rugged track was driven by hydraulic motor with high traveling ability.The feed and rotary head were driven by hydraulic motor, therefore, the air and oil consumption and total drilling cost are lower.


Hydraulic down-hole drill rigs often use a mud circulation system to cool the drill bit, carry cuttings to the surface, and provide stability to the borehole walls. The drilling mud is pumped down through the drill string and returns to the surface through the annular space between the drill string and the borehole.The hydraulic down-hole drill rig is equipped with a power unit that houses the hydraulic pump, reservoir, and other components necessary to generate and control hydraulic power.

These drill rigs are highly specialized and can vary in size and configuration depending on the specific application and geological conditions. They play a crucial role in various industries by enabling the extraction of valuable resources from beneath the Earth’s surface.

Drilling Specification
Rock HardnessF=6-20
Hole Diametermm90-152
Hole Depthm40
Drilling Rod Diametermm60,76,89
Rotary Head
Rotation TorqueNm2650
Rotation Speed(Normal and Fast)rpm0-82/0-112
Feeding System
Max. Feed forceKN25
Max. Lifting forceKN30
Max. Feed SpeedM/min15
Max. Lifting SpeedM/min15
Max Swing of Boom°45° left / 45° right
Max Dump of Boom°up60 down20
Max Swing of Mast°30(L) / 91(R) or91(L) / 30(R)
Max Dump of Mast°180
Feed Strokem3.2
Rated Horse powerKw63
Type4Cylinder,water cooling
Air Compressor demand
Air ConsumptionM³/min11.3-21m2/min(1.4-2.4 Mpa)
Compressor TypeRotary Screw/Movable
Dust Collector
General Specification
Max. Travel Speed(Slow/Fast)Km/h2/3
Net Weightkgs5500
Shipping Dimension(L*W*H)mm6000*2000*2480
Ground Clearancemm252



JC860 hydraulic down-hole drill rig after-sales service should include technical support:

  • Provide a professional technical support team, at any time for customers to answer equipment operation, maintenance and troubleshooting problems.
  • Supply of spare parts and spare parts to ensure customers have access to high-quality replacement parts in a timely manner. This helps reduce downtime in the event of equipment failure and keeps the equipment operating at its best。
  • Providing customized service and support according to the specific needs of the customer, ensuring that the equipment can meet the needs of the customer to the maximum.



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Additional Information

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ISO 9001:2008

Model Number:


Minimum Order Quantity:

1 set



Packaging Details:

drilling rig in nude package,spare parts in standard export wooden box

Delivery Time:

5-10 working days

Payment Terms:

L/C, T/T

Supply Ability:

2000 sets per year


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