HG950CG-20Air Compressor


HG950CG-20Air Compressor

Water Well Drilling Portable Screw Air Compressor High Pressure Diesel Engine Type


Product Description


Air Compressor Screw Type

An air compressor of the screw type is a type of positive displacement compressor that uses a rotary screw mechanism to compress air. This type of compressor is widely used in various industries for applications requiring a continuous and high-volume supply of compressed air.

  1. Rotary Screw Mechanism:
    • Screw-type air compressors use two interlocking helical rotors (screws) to compress air.
    • As the rotors rotate, they trap and compress air between the lobes or threads, and then discharge the compressed air.
  2. Continuous Operation:
    • Screw compressors are known for their continuous operation, making them suitable for applications that require a constant and reliable supply of compressed air.
  3. Oil-Injected and Oil-Free Types:
    • Many screw compressors are oil-injected, meaning they use oil for lubrication and cooling, which helps improve efficiency and extends the life of the compressor.
    • Oil-free screw compressors are also available, where special coatings or materials are used to eliminate the need for lubricating oil in the compression chamber. These are often preferred in applications where oil-free air is crucial.

HG950CG-20Air Compressor

Water Well Drilling Portable Screw Air Compressor High Pressure Diesel Engine Type

Model Number:HG950CG-20Type:Portable/screw
Power Type:Diesel Engine/electricApplication:Water Well Drilling/mining Drilling
Apacity Control:0~100% Stepless Speed RegulationFlow:15-26m3/min
High Light:atlas copco screw air compressor


diesel engine air compressor


Portable Screw Air Compressors (Diesel power series)

Portable Screw Air Compressors (Diesel power series) are widely used in various industries for roads, railways, mines, water conservation and supplies, shipbuilding, city development, energy development, military services, and others.

Our Portable Screw Air Compressors (Diesel power series) are highly efficient and reliable with a full range of selections. The power range falls between 37 kW to 300 kW, the displacement covers up to 40 m3/min, and the discharge pressure amounts up to 2.5 MPa.


1. Compressor: With our patented large diameter, the master engine is directly connected to the diesel engine through highly flexible coupling. Without overdrive gear, the master engine rotates in parallel with the diesel engine, resulting in higher efficiency, better reliability, and longer service.

2. Diesel engine: Diesel engines under such domestic and overseas brands as Cummins and Yuchai comply with the national Tier 2 motor vehicle emission standards. These diesel engines have strong impetus with a low level of fuel consumption. They are also covered under the national aftersales network, so users may quickly access complete services.

3. The air capacity control system is simple and reliable. Based on the size of the air capacity, air injection, as well as the automated diesel accelerator, can be automatically adjusted from 0% to 100%. As a result, diesel oil consumption can be optimized.

4. With an intelligence microcomputer in place, many types of operating data can be effectively monitored, including discharge pressure, discharge temperature, diesel rotational speed, oil pressure, water temperature, and oil capacity. In addition, it is built with an automated alarm system and protective shutdown mechanism.

5. With multilevel air filters, our products can operate in a dusty working environment. Our multilevel fuel filters are also built to accommodate the current oil quality in the domestic market. Featuring an oil and water cooler with an ultra-high capacity, our compressors are also suitable for environments with a high temperature or high pressure.

6. With vast maintenance and repair space, all components and parts that require maintenance are completely accessible, including maintenance work on air filters, oil filters, fuel tanks, batteries, and oil coolers, thus reducing shutdown time.

7. Despite adverse topographic conditions, our products can be flexible and portable. Each compressor is equipped with a hanging ring for safe loading and transporting purposes.




TypeDouble-Flighted Screw/Portable/Oil cooler
ApplicationWater Well Drilling
Nominal volume flowm3/min15141517212226
Rated Discharge Pressurebar1416161682020
Lubricant CapacityL6580808080137137
Rated Output PowerKW140153179194194264264
Working Speedrpm2200220022002200220022002200
Lubricating oil CapacityL18242424242424
Coolant VolumeL35606060606060
Fuel Tank CapacityL335350350350350350350
Q’ty & Spe of air supply valve1-G2”, 1-G1”
Machine Sizemm3000X*1980X20603400X1980X22104080X2080X2100
Recommend Hole Dia.mm138146-152152-180152-180203-219203-219203-219
Recommend Hole Depthm100-120100-130100-130100-130100-130100-130120-150



KingKong drilling rig after-sales service should include technical support:

  • Provide a professional technical support team, at any time for customers to answer equipment operation, maintenance and troubleshooting problems.
  • Supply of spare parts and spare parts to ensure customers have access to high-quality replacement parts in a timely manner. This helps reduce downtime in the event of equipment failure and keeps the equipment operating at its best。
  • Providing customized service and support according to the specific needs of the customer, ensuring that the equipment can meet the needs of the customer to the maximum.



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