HG Series Diesel portable screw air compressor

HG Series Diesel portable screw air compressor

King Kong has developed a more reliable and cost-effective single-stage high-pressure mobile screw air compressor through the continuous pursuit of technological innovation and adapting to the direction of market development. With excellent comprehensive performance, it is more widely used in high-efficiency drilling, pipeline pressure testing and related fields. For extreme conditions, the unit is equipped with a heavy-duty fuel filter, a large-capacity battery, and can also be equipped with a fuel liquid heater in cold areas. The cylinder block is heated through the small cooling cycle of the diesel engine, so that you can start worry-free.

Product Description

HG Series Diesel portable screw air compressor

HG Series Diesel portable screw air compressor

This air compressor ensures that it can start perfectly under cold temperature and hypoxia, and meets the load and various harsh working conditions. Solved all the troubles for customers and greatly improved work efficiency.

Small size, light weight, low noise; light and handy, easy to transport, small actual floor space, free in and out under narrow working conditions, reducing transportation costs. The fully open door design ensures a large operating space and is convenient for maintenance and repair. Save time and improve efficiency. No longer worry about unstable flow and insufficient pressure in the process.

Technical data
ModelCapacity (m3/min)Air Pressure (bar)Engine (kw)Weight (kg)


HG Series Diesel portable screw air compressor

  • The technical support team may provide remote or on-site support to resolve issues encountered by users during use.
  • Provide original spare parts to ensure timely replacement of worn or damaged parts to maintain the normal operation of DTH bits.
  • Timely information reply throughout the day, the first time to solve your problems.

HG Series Diesel portable screw air compressor


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