Geological Core Drilling Rig XY-8

Geological Core Drilling Rig XY-8

XY-8 type drilling rig is a core drilling rig with large drilling capacity developed by our company according to the needs of users in the current geological exploration market and integrating the advantages and characteristics of various core drilling rigs at home and abroad. box.

Product Description

Geological Core Drilling Rig XY-8

Geological Core Drilling Rig XY-8

Product Introduction

Adopt pneumatic shifting Fast 8JS118 automobile gearbox and clutch, which is compact and reasonable in structure, stable in operation, stable in performance and good in versatility.
It has a reasonable speed range and a large number of speed bases (8 levels for forward rotation and 1 level for reverse rotation), and large low-speed torque (up to 8000N.m).
The flexible shaft shifting mechanism specially used for automobiles is adopted to realize the remote control of gear shifting of the gearbox. The pneumatic shifting is light and agile, and the operation is highly user-friendly.
The traditional hexagonal vertical shaft is replaced by the involute spline vertical shaft, which doubles the transmission efficiency and bearing capacity of the gyrator.
Moreover, the diameter of the vertical shaft through hole is large (96 mm), the double oil cylinder hydraulic feed, the stroke is long (up to 1000 mm), and the process adaptability is strong, especially suitable for large-diameter drill pipe rope core (upper core) drilling. Conducive to improving drilling efficiency and reducing in-hole accidents.
Equipped with shock-proof instrument, which is helpful to grasp the situation in the hole. The drilling rig has few operating handles, reasonable layout, flexible and reliable operation.

Geological Core Drilling Rig XY-8 Geological Core Drilling Rig XY-8 Geological Core Drilling Rig XY-8


Geological Core Drilling Rig XY-8

  • The technical support team may provide remote or on-site support to resolve issues encountered by users during use.
  • Provide original spare parts to ensure timely replacement of worn or damaged parts to maintain the normal operation of DTH bits.
  • Timely information reply throughout the day, the first time to solve your problems.

Geological Core Drilling Rig XY-8


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