Air Compressor For Water Supplying

Air Compressor For Water Supplying

16 Bar 200 Bar Portable Screw Air Compressor For Water Supplying

Product Description


An air compressor for water supplying is a specialized type of air compressor designed to provide compressed air for various applications related to water supply systems.


Air Compressor For Water Supplying

16 Bar 200 Bar Portable Screw
Weight:5150kgsDimentions:4486X2100X2180 Mm
Level:High PressureFlow Rate:35–40M3/min
Pressure:15–25barEngine Power:354 Kw
Color:BluePortable:CMS Engine
Wheels:Four WheelsCertification:ISO9001
High Light:200 bar portable screw air compressor,

water supplying portable screw air compressor,

16 bar portable screw compressor

Portable 16 bar 200bar air compressor for water supplying



Liutech is wholy-owned subsidiary of Atlas Copco,it’s air compressor driven by diesel engine and electricity, it’s 90% spare parts originally imported from Atlas Copco,so the liutech portable screw air compressor are Europen quality, Chinese price.


High efficiency
The combination of a high efficient engine and the Atlas Copco compressor element guarantees high efficiency and reduced wear.
Low operational cost, high fuel autonomy
A stepless and fully automatic regulator varying the engine speed ensures a reduced power and fuel consumption.
We are agent of portable double screw air compressor of Atlas Copco,Sullair, Liutech,by which ,we can provide drilling rig users with high quality professional drill rig air compressor solution and relative after-sales service also.


ModelNominal volume flow m3/min(CFM)Working Pressure bar/psiEngineOutlet Valve Configuration
LUY025-72.5/887/102KUBOTA D11052*G3/4
LUY055-75.3/187DEUTZ D2011L033*G3/4
LUY079-77.9/2754BT3.9C803*G3/4 1*G1 1/2
LUY085-148.5/30014/2044BT3.9-C1303*G3/4 1*G1 1/2
LUY100-1010/35010/1464BT3.9-C1303*G3/4 1*G1 1/2
LIU100-1210/35012/1754BT3.9-C1303*G3/4 1*G1 1/2
LUY108-710.8/3807/1024BT3.9-C1303*G3/4 1*G1 1/2
LUY118-711.8/4007/1024BT3.9-C1253*G3/4 1*G1 1/2
LUY120-1412/42414/2036BTA5.9-C1803*G1 1/4 1*G2
LUY161-1416.5/58214/2036CTA8.3-C2303*G1 1/4 1*G2
LUY184-1218.4/65012/1746CTA8.3-C2303*G1 1/4 1*G2
LUY202-1021.2/74810/1456CTA8.3-C2303*G1 1/4 1*G2
LUY214-921.4/7568.6/1256CTA8.3-C2303*G1 1/4 1*G2
LUY239-723.9/8447/1026CTA8.3-C2303*G1 1/4 1*G2
LUY208-1421.8/76914/2036LTAA8.8-C3153*G1 1/4 1*G2
LIUY230-1223/81212/1746LTAA8.8-C3153*G1 1/4 1*G2
LUY250-1025/88310/1456LTAA8.8-C3153*G1 1/4 1*G2
LUY270-927/9548.6/1256LTAA8.8-C3153*G1 1/4 1*G2
LUY290-929/10248.6/1256LTAA8.8-C3153*G1 1/4 1*G2
LUY180-1918/63619/2766CTAA8.3-C2601*G2 1*G3/4
LUY215-2121.8/76921/3066CTAA8.8-C3151*G2 1*G3/4
LUY231-1723.1/81617/2476CTAA8.8-C3151*G2 1*G3/4
LUY130-1713/46017/246.56BTAA5.9-C2051*G2 1*G3/4
LUY180-1918/63619/2766CTAA8.3-C2601*G2 1*G3/4
LUY215-2121.8/76921/3066CTAA8.8-C3151*G2 1*G3/4
LUY231-1723.1/81617/2476CTAA8.8-C3151*G2 1*G3/



Air Compressor For Water Supplying after-sales service should include technical support:

  • Provide a professional technical support team, at any time for customers to answer equipment operation, maintenance and troubleshooting problems.
  • Supply of spare parts and spare parts to ensure customers have access to high-quality replacement parts in a timely manner. This helps reduce downtime in the event of equipment failure and keeps the equipment operating at its best。
  • Providing customized service and support according to the specific needs of the customer, ensuring that the equipment can meet the needs of the customer to the maximum.



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