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Picks are a vital ingredient of the KingKong cutting technology
KingKong X² picks and PCD cutting tools

The all-rounder among picks for cold milling, KingKong   impresses thanks to its exceptional product features such as the optimised wear plate with its unique groove profile.

PCD milling tools with a highly wear-resistant tool tip made of polycrystalline diamond are the ideal choice for surface course rehabilitation and (micro) fine milling.

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Cutting tools for cold recyclers and soil stabilizers

Cutting tools for cold recyclers and soil stabilizers

Hard-wearing picks for tough applications

Selecting the right pick is of vital importance both for high cutting performance and for the service life of the pick itself. The pick head diameter, pick head length, carbide diameter and additional armouring are selected individually, based on the material properties and rock hardness, in close cooperation between the customer and KINGKONG experts.

Different carbide geometries are also used in surface mining due to different fields of application and materials to be cut. Mushroom-shaped carbide tips protect the steel body against erosion; cylindrical carbide tips are used in hard materials.

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Cutting tools for milling machines

Cutting tools for milling machines

KingKong Z picks and WCC milling tools

KingKong Z  is the all-rounder among picks for cold recycling and soil stabilization and impresses thanks to its product characteristics, such as high fracture resistance in the carbide tip.

The WCC milling tool is used for stabilizing compact soils and is the ideal tool wherever large pieces of rock cause enormous impact stress.

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Picks for Surface Miners

Picks for Surface Miners

KINGKONG service


KingKong Drills can produce different cutting picks for Epiroc, Sandvik, wirtgen,Daltronx, Kennametal etc international brands, we also provide customized serives and producing according to their samples or drawings.

Conical pick tools

43mm,35mm,30mm shank coal cutting picks

Crusher pick tools

38mm,30mm,34mm,step shank teeth.

Surface Mining tools

38mm,30mm, 42mm shank cutting picks.

Thenching tools

20mm,19mm,11mm, shank teeth

Foundation drilling tools

30mm,38mm shank cutter teeth

Road mining tools

20mm,22mm,28mm etc road cutting picks and Grader blades.

KingKong service


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