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Products and solutions for the mineral exploration drilling industry

If you are operating a core drill, you already know that selecting the right diamond tools, coring system and accessories will make a huge impact on your operations. And if you are rather drilling on a RC rig, the same logic applies as choosing the right hammer, bits, drill pipes and accessories is the most efficient way to optimize your performance.

Either way, exploration drilling is no small task. Our solutions are designed to increase productivity, lower costs and make life easier for the drilling community. Whether you are deep hole drilling, facing extremely abrasive ground, or looking for more efficiency, our complete portfolio of coring and RC equipment sets the standard in an increasingly competitive industry.

Our team is trained to help you select the right solutions for the job. Simply reach out to us.

  • Core drilling
  • Reverse Circulation drilling
  • Geotechnical drilling

Our Core drilling tools including the Diamond tools, Coring Systems, Rods, Casing, Adaptors $ Accessories, Hole Deviation Systems, Additives $ Lubricants, Pumps, Assemblies $ Parts, EDDY Waer Treatment System, Drilling Accessories, Drill Rigs Etc. 

Core bits King Kong

Diamond Tools

Diamond Tools

reaming shell white rhino

Reaming Shells

Reaming Shells

2014 03 21 gator familleg

Casing Shoes

Casing Shoes

King Kong Diamond Tools including: Diamond Core Bits, Reaming Shells, Gator Casing Shoes, Vulcan Configuration, Jet-Enhanced Configuration, Push and Pull Diamond Core Bits, Surface Set Core Bits, HERO Core Bits, HERO Abrasive Core Bits, Legends Core Bits, Viking Core Bits, RockStar Core Bits, T Xtreme Core Bits, GeoHawk Core Bits, Excore Core Bits, RS++ Reaming Shell, White Phino Reaming Shell,K Series etc.

Most popular products
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The reaming shell is an integral part of a diamond drilling system and acts as a coupling between the core bit and the outer barrel. It reams the hole to the proper size, and stabilizes the bottom of the drill string.

King Kong Drills White Rhino and Black Rhino reaming shells are made with high-quality, synthetic and natural diamonds, embedded in a highly resistant matrix. The friction-resistant tungsten carbide inserts found on the leading edges of the ring provide additional protection and increased lifespan.

Most popular products
RSHELL NO SS RS++3760955435
RSHELL BO SS RS++3760955420
RSHELL HO SS RS++3760955427
RSHELL PO SS RS++3760955439
RSHELL NO 3-RING 18IN SS RS++3760955433
RSHELL 48TT/LTK48 SS RS++3760955404
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King Kong casing shoes from China, offer an excellent quality/price ratio. The Gator line of casing shoes includes Standard, Super, High Performance and Crown shoes so that no matter how tough the overburden, we have the ideal casing shoe.

Most popular products
Casing Shoe BW STANDARD9469704455
Casing Shoe BW SUPER9469704456
Casing Shoe NW STANDARD9469704573
Casing Shoe NW SUPER9469704578
Casing Shoe HW STANDARD9469704506
Casing Shoe HW SUPER9469704507
Casing Shoe PW STANDARD9469704661
Casing Shoe PW SUPER9469704662

King Kong Reverse Circulation(RC)  Drilling Tools including RC DTH Hammer, RC Button Bits, RC Drill Pipes etc.

King Kong can produce the RC Hammer Brand including Epiroc, Sandvik, Atlas Copco, Boart Longyears,NUMA etc.

Epiroc:COP RC45, RC50, COP RC45 HD,



Reverse Circulation Bits

Our bits for Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling are produced according the highest quality control standards. Our concave bits are available with a patented Trubbnos buttons for longer life and enhanced rate of penetration (ROP) and improved sample quality. Our RC drilling bits are also made from premium grade tungsten carbide.

Choose from a variety of bits, shanks and buttons depending on your needs.

  • Two shapes of buttons including spherical and trubbnos
  • Several different bit shank styles to choose from
  • PCD button bits on demand

Your choice of bit will depend upon the type of RC hammer you are using.

Pipes and Adaptors

Reverse Circulation (RC) pipes are available in both lightweight and robust design. Our DR rods are cold drawn and are friction welded for stronger joints.

Made of quality steel that is heat treated according to our specifications, our DR rods are approximately 23% lighter in weight and can go up to 23% deeper.

All our rods and adaptors are manufactured according to strict quality control standards for longer life.

Your choice of rods and adaptors all depend on the application and the type of RC hammer being used.

reverse circulation cop rc45 1

RC DTH Hammer

RC DTH Hammer


RC Button Bit

RC Button Bit

reverse circulation pipes adaptors1

RC Drill Pipes

RC Drill Pipes

reverse circulation pipes adaptors2

King Kong Geotechnical Tools incluing: Augers, Hollow Stem Augers, Solid Flight Augers, Geotechnical Accessories, Rotary Drill Tools, SPT Split Tube Samplers and Accessories, Sampling Equipment, Shelby Tubes, Standard Penetration Testing Equipment, Thin Wall Core Bit, Three Wing Bits, Tricones etc.

three wing bit 1

Three Wing Bits

Three Wing Bits

three wing bit 2

tricones steel carbide

Tricones Bits

Tricones Bits

heavy duty hollow stem augers

Hollow Stem Augers

auger pilots

auger heads and parts
Three Wing Bits

Three wing bits allow injection blade drilling, which is particularly effective in very soft to soft grounds. These tools are available in two types: chevron type or step type.

All of the standard formats are available at KingKong.

Most popular products
3 Wing drag bit 2-15/16″ – N-4 pin conn9469710672
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KingKong offers a wide selection of tricone bits that are suitable to all overburden, destructive, injection or reverse circulation drilling needs.

Whether they are made of steel teeth or tungsten carbide inserts, these tricone bits are offered in different configurations for a maximum performance during drilling, regardless of ground hardness types , from soft to very hard. They are available in both open and closed configurations.

We offer a wide selection of cones and inserts for all diameters in order to satisfy every single need at an excellent quality/price ratio.

Most popular products

Tricone 2-15/16″ MILL 331


Tricone 2-15/16 CARB IADC 71193002155
Tricone 3-7/8″ MILL 23193002224
Tricone 3-7/8 CARB IADC 71193002165
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Hollow Stem Augers

Hollow-stem auger are used in drilling operations when the bore hole will not remain open . KingKong’s heavy duty hollow stem augers are designed to last and are light enough for easy handling.

You can choose from a variety of sizes.

Most popular products

Double cap adap 1-5/8″ hex 4-1/4″ ID


Nut and Bolt 4-1/4″ ID auger9469710462
HSA 4-1/4″ ID X 5′9469710465
HSA head conical type 4-1/4″ ID9469710483
Rod to cap adap AW 3-1/4″4-1/4″6-1/4″9469710493
Pilot assy AW 4-1/4″ ID auger w/ bit9469710498
Bushing 4-1/4″ – 6-1/4″ ID auger9469710506
Auger bolt9469710507
Thread prot ID auger9469710508
Finger bit9469710512
Conical bit9469710513
Finger bit HD9469710514
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KingKong has a corporate culture based on innovation and continuous improvement. We take to heart all of our values which include communication, respect, excellence, teamwork and responsible wealth creation.

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