Mining and construction products and equipment Whether you need to excavate, transport or process ore or demolition more efficiently, our complete portfolio of surface and underground mining equipment sets the standard in an increasingly competitive industry. Our offering covers rock drilling, cutting, loading and hauling, ventilation and materials handling equipment, all supported by round-the-clock service, rock drilling tools and technical expertise.
drill rig 1

Drill Rigs and Air Compressor

Drill Rigs and Air Compressor

top hammer tools

Tophammer drilling tools

Tophammer drilling tools

down the hole drilling tools

Down-the-hole drilling tools(DTH Tools)

Down-the-hole drilling tools(DTH Tools)

exploration tools

Exploration drilling tools

Exploration drilling tools


Rotary drilling tools

Rotary drilling tools

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Picks and cutting tools

Picks and cutting tools

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what we offer

Our Company Services

Let us back up your equipment with solutions that deliver safety, high productivity and peace of mind. King Kong Drills are always here for you.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Solutions developed specifically in response to meet customer’s individual needs.

Fluid management solutions

A quality selection of fluids, grease and hoses for superior performance.


Give your components a new lease on life, Remanufactured components are covered by a competitive warranty policy.

Replacement parts and kits

Engineered for peace of mind, Geninue replacement parts are engineered to ensure proper, safe and easy maintenance of your equipment.

Rock drills and rotation units

A KingKong core component. Our technology helps to secure safety through-out the life cycle of your equipment, Our rock drills and rotation units are high quality.

Service agreements and audits

Service for maximized reliability. To ensure high productivity and reliable performance of your machines,our service agreements are individually tailored to meet your requirements.

Service tools

Designed to provide enhanced service. Our tool and support systems are designed to provide enhanced and safe service of your equipment.


We make information accessible to you-wherever you are, whenever you need it. A solution that gathers, compares and communicates vital equipment information.

our services

Industries Served

We’ve been involved in the mining and steel industry since the 19th century. All that know-how is built into all our rock drilling tools – for your benefit..

Training products

The safety way to generate value and find their work more enjoyable and contribute to increased productivity.


Developed to Obtain safety and efficiency,Upgrade kits are off the shelf bolt on kits, to be ordered and installed.


KingKong consumables and wear parts are the right choice when maximum output and low lifecycle cost are in focus of your daily work.

Midlife services

Replacing old with new components, returning your equipment to maximum productivity and operating efficiency at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

Oil & Gas

Our scope of work includes testing for structural fabrication, pressure systems and material selection natural and plastic material.

HDD drilling tools

Products for any type of directional drilling conditions.We have been in the mining and construction market for many years and is committed to innovative, productive, market leading solutions.

Ground support

KingKong designs and manufactures a diverse range of quality ground support products for various ground support applications.

Grinding equipment

The right tools to get you back on the cutting edge.



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