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March 4, 2024

Welcome Zambia Clients To Visit

It’s our pleasure to receive the Zambia Clients to visit us in 1st March,2024.

We had a great meal and drinking together after visiting the production. We showed our production workshop and introduced the production process of products to clients.

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Through this in-depth exchange,our cooperation will be more long-term. Welcome to visit again. In addition,we are also welcome more clients to visit KingKong.


February 1, 2024

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3115 3223 00REG. PLUG3176 2821 00NIPPLE
3128 3211 13HOSE ASSEMBLY3176 3050 00NIPPLE
3115 2887 80CONNECT. PLATE3176 3051 00NIPPLE
3115 5044 10FLUSHING HEAD3176 3052 00NIPPLE
3115 5045 11GUIDE3176 3053 00NIPPLE
3115 5044 20FLUSHING HEAD3176 6353 00NIPPLE
3115 5045 21GUIDE3176 6542 00NIPPLE
3115 3473 90SEAL KIT3176 6543 00NIPPLE
3115 9170 90O-RING SET3176 6544 00NIPPLE
3115 9170 91SEAL KIT3176 7767 00NIPPLE
3115 9238 93OVERHAUL KIT3176 8120 00NIPPLE
3115 9238 94OVERHAUL KIT3217 7310 00NIPPLE
3115 5616 93CONVERSION KIT0570 5040 02NIPPLE
3115 2888 00PRESSURE SCREW0570 5040 03NIPPLE
0663 2100 62O-RING0570 5040 05NIPPLE
0663 2109 36O-RING0570 5040 06NIPPLE
0663 2100 62O-RING0570 5040 07NIPPLE
0663 2105 76O-RING0570 5040 15NIPPLE
0663 2105 96O-RING3176 7757 00NIPPLE
0663 2109 37O-RING3176 8270 00NIPPLE
0663 2110 00O-RING3176 8489 00NIPPLE
0663 2115 00O-RING3176 8490 00NIPPLE
0663 2120 00O-RING3177 3025 00NIPPLE
0663 2128 00O-RING3177 3107 00NIPPLE
0663 2129 01O-RING3177 3132 00NIPPLE
0663 2133 01O-RING0570 5040 04NIPPLE
0663 2134 00O-RING0570 5041 05NIPPLE
0663 2143 00O-RING0570 5041 06NIPPLE
0663 2144 00O-RING0570 5080 05NIPPLE
0663 2145 01O-RING3176 8972 00NIPPLE
0663 6121 00O-RING3176 8973 00NIPPLE
0663 6134 01O-RING3176 1947 00NIPPLE
0663 6135 00O-RING3176 3060 00NIPPLE
0663 6135 01O-RING3176 6039 00NIPPLE
0663 6138 00O-RING3176 6668 00NIPPLE
0663 6143 00O-RING3176 6669 00NIPPLE
0663 6144 00O-RING3176 6670 00NIPPLE
0663 6151 00O-RING3176 7872 00ELBOW NIPPLE
0663 9056 00O-RING3176 7873 00NIPPLE
0663 9104 01O-RING3715 0584 00ELBOW NIPPLE
0663 9158 00O-RING3715 0585 00NIPPLE
3115 2988 00SEAL RING3715 0589 00NIPPLE
3115 3245 00SEAL RING3176 1944 00NIPPLE
3115 3289 13SEAL RING3176 6547 00NIPPLE
3115 3289 17SEAL RING3176 6548 00NIPPLE
3115 3289 23SEAL RING3176 6549 00NIPPLE
3115 3290 18SEAL RING3176 6550 00ELBOW
3115 5146 01SEAL RING3176 6551 00ELBOW
9125 6191 00O-RING3176 6660 00NIPPLE
9900 0003 00PLASTIC BAG3176 6661 00NIPPLE
3115 9170 90O-RING SET3176 6662 00NIPPLE
3115 0327 00GASKET0570 5090 02NIPPLE
0661 1038 00SEAL WASHER0570 5090 19NIPPLE
0663 2109 37O-RING0570 5090 20NIPPLE
0663 2128 00O-RING3176 6351 00NIPPLE
9125 6191 00O-RING3176 6352 00NIPPLE
3115 3024 00WIPER3176 6612 00NIPPLE
3115 2333 00CUP SEAL3176 6671 00NIPPLE
3115 5190 00CUP SEAL0570 5090 45NIPPLE
3115 5059 10SPACER3176 6344 00NIPPLE
3115 3445 00SEAL RING3176 6563 00NIPPLE
0666 7190 01RADIAL LIP SEAL3176 6564 00NIPPLE
0544 2162 00GREASE NIPPLE3176 6565 00NIPPLE
0686 4201 03PLUG3176 6566 00NIPPLE
0653 9038 00GASKET3176 6567 00NIPPLE
0666 7188 01RADIAL LIP SEAL3176 6568 00NIPPLE
0667 1206 00SEAL3176 6569 00NIPPLE
0661 1020 00SEAL WASHER3176 6672 00NIPPLE
3115 1880 90SEAL KIT3176 6673 00NIPPLE
0661 1034 00SEAL WASHER3176 6674 00NIPPLE
3115 0970 00SEAL KIT3176 6675 00NIPPLE
3115 1156 00SEAL KIT3177 3045 00NIPPLE
3115 1697 00SEAL WASHER3177 3046 00NIPPLE
3115 9170 91SEAL KIT0570 5090 18NIPPLE
3115 0286 00DOME NUT3176 6552 00NIPPLE
3115 0287 00WASHER3176 6553 00NIPPLE
0335 2130 00CIRCLIP3176 6554 00NIPPLE
3115 3548 00NUT3176 6555 00NIPPLE
3115 1822 01DIAPHRAGM3176 6556 00NIPPLE
3115 2702 10SCREW3176 6663 00NIPPLE
3115 2714 90LABEL SET3176 6664 00NIPPLE
3115 3768 00VALVE3177 3195 00NIPPLE
3115 2715 90LABEL SET3176 1426 00NIPPLE
3115 1926 02DIAPHRAGM3176 6571 00ELBOW
3115 2617 10PLUG3176 6572 00NIPPLE
3115 3164 00LABEL3176 6676 00NIPPLE
3115 5757 04LABEL3177 3190 00NIPPLE
0147 1479 03SCREW, HEX HEAD3715 0588 00NIPPLE
3315 0195 10LOCK WASHER3176 6677 00NIPPLE
0335 2173 00CIRCLIP3176 6678 00NIPPLE
3115 5040 00SIDE BOLT3176 6557 00NIPPLE
0335 2169 00CIRCLIP3176 6558 00NIPPLE
3115 3613 00STUD3176 6559 00NIPPLE
0516 1504 01NEEDLE BEARING3176 6560 00NIPPLE
0516 1538 00NEEDLE BEARING3176 6561 00NIPPLE
0509 0221 00ROLLER BEARING3176 6665 00NIPPLE
0509 0223 00ROLLER BEARING3176 6666 00NIPPLE
3115 0297 01SHIM3176 6667 00NIPPLE
3115 0297 02SHIM0570 5090 01NIPPLE
3115 0297 03SHIM0570 5090 08NIPPLE
3115 1457 00SIDE BOLT0570 5090 16NIPPLE
0211 1960 84SCREW0570 5090 21NIPPLE
0147 1438 03SCREW, HEX HEAD0570 5090 25NIPPLE
0147 1481 03SCREW, HEX HEAD0570 5090 26NIPPLE
3115 9238 93OVERHAUL KIT3176 0062 00NIPPLE
3115 5045 01GUIDE3176 0063 00NIPPLE
3115 5340 81STOP RING COMPL3176 1948 00NIPPLE

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January 11, 2024

How To Choose The Right Drilling Tools

The article is writting to teach you how to choose the right drill tools.

The content covers the following tools:pilot adapter,guide tube and guide rod,drill pipe without undercut,rubber collared rod,forge collar rod.

1.Why  do we sometimes choose pilot adapter with insert instead of usual pilot adapter ?

2023 11 15 142448pilot adapter with insert

The insert in pilot adapter could be made of various materials(such as hard alloys),may have many different shapes or cutting strucures,catering to rock formation and specific driling require.Inserts can improve the adapters’ durability and drilling effiency by allowing easy replacement without changing the entire adapter.

To sum up,Pilot Adapters with Inserts offer greater customization and flexibility by allowing adjustments based on specific drilling needs. Adapters without Inserts are simpler and suitable for regular drilling but might lack the flexibility of their counterparts with replaceable inserts when needing to adapt to varying conditions. The choice between these adapters depends on specific drilling conditions, requirements, and the anticipated geological conditions.

2.How do guide tube and guide rod work?

[fusion_table fusion_table_type=”1″ fusion_table_rows=”” fusion_table_columns=”” margin_top=”” margin_right=”” margin_bottom=”” margin_left=”” hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_direction=”left” animation_color=”” hue=”” saturation=”” lightness=”” alpha=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_delay=”0″ animation_offset=””]

Guide tube2023 11 15 145114The guide tube is typically a tubular component mounted above the top hammer on the drill string.Its primary function is to provide a fixed pathway, allowing the top hammer to move vertically within the borehole. It aids in ensuring the top hammer travels along the correct path, maintaining borehole accuracy and stability.
Guide rods2023 11 15 145209Guide rods are rod-like components installed between the drill string and the top hammer.They help prevent the top hammer from deviating from the intended borehole path, maintaining borehole accuracy.

To sum up, the guide tube provides a fixed pathway for the vertical movement of the top hammer, while guide rods offer additional support and guidance within the drill string to ensure the top hammer maintains a stable linear motion. They differ in positioning, installation, and their specific role in stabilizing and guiding the top hammer during drilling operations in a Top Hammer system.


3.The difference between dill pipe with undercut or without undercut.

2023 11 15 151921

Drill pipe with undercut has grooves and notches at the connection end,creating a recessed edge.The design offers increased surface area at the connection end,providing more gripping surfeces and enhance drill pipe’s strength and stability.These are often utilized in more complex drilling tasks or applications that involve greater torsional or tensile forces.

In summary, a drill pipe without an undercut is used in basic drilling tasks, while one with an undercut is employed in more demanding operations where enhanced strength and stability at the connection point are required due to higher forces encountered during drilling.

4.The difference between rubber collared rod and forged collar rod.

The forged collar rod is more strength,durable because of forging technology,it often preferred in heavy-duty drilling applications where greater strength and rigidity are required.

The rubber collar serves as a shock absorber and sealant between the connected drill rods which  helps prevent drilling fluids from leaking out of the joint.

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December 29, 2023

DTH Bits to Russian client

Hello everyone,KingKong is really busy at the New year approaches.

Look at theses DTH bits and thread bits that just been made,ready ro be packed and shipped to Russia.


P110-110mm KNSH button bits
P110-110mm KNSH button bits


P110-110mm KNSH button bits

Cir110-110mm Low air pressure DTH Button Bit

T45-76mm thread button bits

If you want to know more details about the products,you could click this logo

P120 Russian DTH bit 5

Cir110-110mm Low air pressure DTH Button Bit
Cir110-110mm Low air pressure DTH Button Bit

P120 Russian DTH bit 4P105mm Russian DTH bit 1

Because of it’s good reputation,excellent service and outstanding quality,

KingKong has accumulated a lot of old customers and won the favor of many new customers.

If you need rock drilling tools,please contact us soonly。

The sooner contact us,the sooner you get the goods.

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December 21, 2023

Threaded Button Bit: Can It Be Reused?

The threaded button bit is a tool used in rock or soil drilling, which is often used in exploration, geological drilling, water well drilling and other fields. Because of the high hardness of rock or soil, the drill bit is easy to break and wear during use, so it breaks easily.

The service life of threaded button bit is affected by many factors, such as hardness of rock or soil, service frequency and service mode and so on, Under normal conditions, the use of threaded button bit in dozens to hundreds of times, can not be used for a long time, and need to be replaced in a timely manner.


In order to improve the service life of the threaded button bit, the following methods should also be taken.

Reasonable selection of button shape of threaded button bit.

  • The correct choice of button shape of threaded button bit can not only prolong the service life of the bit, but also increase the piercing speed and reduce the piercing cost. The selection of the button shape of the bit is mainly based on the physical and mechanical properties of the ore, as well as the compressive strength, hardness and drillability of the rock. In addition, the diameter and water content of the bore hole and the technical performance of the rotary drill should be considered.
  1. When drilling in hard rock formation, we usually use the threaded button bit, because the button of the bit protrude shorter, but the distribution of button is more dense, can withstand greater axial pressure, suitable for drilling in extremely hard and wear-resistant ore rock.
  2. If perforating in soft rock formation, we usually use bit with long and sparse button, which is suitable for perforating in soft rock and plastic rock.

  If they are not used properly, the button bit will be used in soft rock drilling, although the starting life is long, but the drilling speed is very low. After taking into account the drilling costs, the total drilling costs are higher. Conversely, if a wedge-toothed drill is used to bore in extremely hard and wear-resistant ore, the alloy teeth will soon wear out or break. Therefore, reasonable selection of bit tooth shape can improve the service life of the bit.

  • The drilling speed of the bit, the physical and mechanical properties of the rock being drilled, the axial pressure exerted on the bit, the rotary speed of the drilling tool, the torque of the bit, the shape of the teeth of the tooth and the number of teeth taking part in crushing the rock at the same time, and the amount of Compressed air being blown through the holes. According to the rock crushing mechanism of the drilling hole, the main parameters of the drilling system are axial pressure, rotary speed and slag discharge air volume.
  1. Effect of axial compression on bit life.

In order to break the rock effectively, it is necessary to apply enough axial pressure to the bit, so that the stress caused by the tooth of the tooth is enough to overcome the compressive strength of the rock, but there is a reasonable value in the axial pressure applied to the bit, neither too big nor too small. When the axial pressure value exceeds a certain degree, the axial pressure then increases, the piercing speed does not increase, the axial pressure is too large will also cause the fracture of cemented carbide teeth or make the bit bearing damage.

2. The influence of rotary speed on bit

In a certain range, the drilling speed of the roller drill increases with the increase of the rotary speed of the drilling tool, but if the rotary speed is too high, it will not only make it difficult to discharge slag at the bottom of the hole, but also produce strong vibration, affect bit life.

The rotation speed of the bit must ensure that the teeth of the cone have enough contact time with the rock, in order to reach the effective volume of rock  fragmentation, in the hard rock, with the increase of the rotation speed, the impact load increases, the wear of tooth and bearing of the gear is obviously increased, therefore, the use of high speed is limited. But when the rock is soft, it usually adopts the working state of high rotational speed and low axial pressure.

       3.Influence of air volume of ballast discharge on bit life

The volume of air discharge directly affects the service life of cone bit. With the increase of air flow, the rock debris at the bottom of the hole can be effectively blown and the rock crushing condition of the teeth can be improved. At the same time, it can reduce the wear of the claw back, and can better cool the cone bearing and prolong the life of the cone. In addition, the hole bottom debris can be reduced and the effective hole depth can be increased.

However, it should be pointed out that the smooth discharge of rock debris at the bottom of the hole depends mainly on the air-back velocity, which is influenced by the air volume and the annular space between the drill pipe and the hole wall. Therefore, when considering the effect of ballast discharge, can not simply pursue the capacity of air compressor. Not only can achieve a good ballast removal effect, but also to reduce unnecessary air consumption.

In short, although the button bit can not long-term re-use, but can be through maintenance and maintenance measures to extend its life, reduce the number of replacement, saving costs. When using threaded button bit, it is necessary to protect bit, clean and store it in time, and follow the correct way to ensure drilling effect and safety.

Threaded Button Bit: Can It Be Reused?

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December 20, 2023

How to choosing Right top Hammer Threaded

Good advice for choosing Right top Hammer Threaded.In this article, we’ll guide you through the many factors to consider when selecting the right top hammer threaded dill bit. we’ll explore the various types and designs available, and discuss the factors that affect bit performance.

  • Each top hammer drill bits are provide different designs, including button bits, cross bits, and chisel bit, but the chisel bit is not belong to threaded rill bit, to be more specific it’s belongs to tapered drill bits.  Different design is suited to a particular drilling application.

T51 Epiroc Bits Bench Drilling

  • Top hammer threaded drill bits are significant component of mining and construction industries for drilling technology in rock surfaces. One of the most common is button bits design and are ideal for drilling through hard and abrasive rock surfaces. Cross bits are suited for drilling through soft and medium-hard rock surfaces, the cross bit also adopts mature technology, high-quality steel and alloy, has strong radial wear resistance, maintains high production efficiency and can control the cost. Chisel bits, on the other hand, are used for drilling through hard rock surfaces and ideal for drilling straiht holes, its main characteristics are fast opening speed and easy to control the depth and angle of channel and iron hole. The maintenance of iron hole mud bag is simple and saves manpower.

T45 64mm button bit 8

  • When you choose the right bit for your project, the size of the top hammer threaded drilling bit is an essential consideration. Using the wrong size bit can result in an inefficient drilling process and may damage the drill or the rock surface, so the size of the bit should be matched to the size of the hole you need to drill, generally, the chisel rock drill bit shall be selected when there is no crack in the rock; Cross rock drill bit can be widely used in various rocks, especially in hard and extremely hard rocks with high abrasive cracks; The button drill bit is suitable for all kinds of rocks except high abrasive rocks.

good advice for choosing right top hammer
good advice for choosing right top hammer

  • For the top hammer threaded drill bit what drilling different rock formations,  is also very particular about the face design. The face design means the shape and placement of the buttons or carbide inserts on the bit. Let me give on instance: hard an abrasive rock formations usually use a conical button, while a flat button face design is ideal for soft rock formations. Certainly the spacing between the buttons or carbide inserts also affects the performance of the drill bit.
  • Maintaining rock drill bits is crucial to ensure their longevity and performance, inspect the bit regularly to check for any signs of damage such as cracks, worn-out buttons or cones, or excessive wear. If any of these signs are present, it may be time to replace the bit.Inspect the bit regularly to check for any signs of damage such as cracks, worn-out buttons or cones, or excessive wear. If any of these signs are present, it may be time to replace the bit.When not in use, store the bit in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Choosing the right top hammer threaded drill bit is crucial for the success of your drilling order. Combine the above factors,it’s very important for the choice design, size, and face design, you can select the best drill bit for your project. Witch the right drill bit you can achieve efficient drilling, save your time and money and ensure the safely of your project.

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November 7, 2023

The use of accessories in drilling

In the drilling process, various tools and accessories serve specific purposes and work in conjunction to ensure efficient, accurate, and safe drilling operations. Here’s how these tools and accessories, including Adapter Couplings 98, Male/Female Bit Adapters 98, Spiral Male/Female Bit Adapters 98, Male/Female Adapter Guides, Split Set Drivers, Driver Nuts, Spear – Female End, Spear – Male End, Bell Taps, Knock Off Blocks, Reaming Shell Adapters, Bit Resharpening Gauge, and H22 Chuck Gauge, are utilized and interconnected:

  1. Adapter Couplings 98: Adapter couplings are used to connect different-sized drilling tools and accessories, ensuring secure and stable connections between them.
  2. Male/Female Bit Adapters 98: These adapters connect drill bits to the drill rods of the drilling machine, ensuring proper positioning and stability for the drill bits to rotate and perform drilling.
  3. Spiral Male/Female Bit Adapters 98: Similar to regular bit adapters, these spiral adapters have a helical design to enhance stability and guidance during drilling.
  4. Male/Female Adapter Guides: These guides ensure correct installation and positioning of adapters for connecting various-sized drill bits or other drilling tools.
  5. Split Set Drivers: Used for installing split sets, steel tubes used for ground reinforcement, ensuring they are accurately driven to the desired depth and position.
  6. Driver Nuts: These nuts secure and fasten drill bits or other drilling tools, transmitting torque to allow the bits to rotate and perform drilling.
  7. Spear – Female End and Spear – Male End: These components connect drill rods and drill bits, transmitting rotational force during drilling and ensuring drilling direction and depth accuracy.
  8. Bell Taps: Bell taps are employed for precision threading on delicate or brittle materials, guaranteeing high-quality threaded holes.
  9. Knock Off Blocks: Knock off blocks are used for positioning and supporting workpieces, maintaining stability during machining, reducing vibration, and enhancing drilling quality.
  10. Reaming Shell Adapters: These adapters connect different-sized reaming shells and drill rods, enabling reaming shells to rotate smoothly during drilling and complete reaming operations.
  11. Bit Resharpening Gauge: This tool measures and ensures proper sharpening of drill bits, enhancing drill bit efficiency and borehole quality.
  12. H22 Chuck Gauge: Used to measure and ensure the correct dimensions of H22 chucks, ensuring accurate installation and secure holding of drill bits.

These tools and accessories work in tandem to facilitate smooth drilling operations, providing high-quality and efficient drilling solutions while ensuring the safety of workers. Together, they ensure the success of the entire drilling process.

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