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The birth of the King Kong brand is a milestone event in the history of Chinese drilling tools. It marks the emergence of a comprehensive brand in the Chinese market, including different models, different series of drilling tools, including different prices, different quality of drilling tools. It also provides personalized and customized services for customers in different countries, giving the cold products of mining mechanical drilling tools a temperature and life, and the professional and timely service of diamond people has become a new benchmark in the drilling industry.

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Over 50 years working experience give us the confidence to promise the quality for clients

A State-owned and professional manufacturer engaged in the designing, producing and has a long history influence of China rock drilling tools for nearly 50 years.

The company is located in Wuxue City, East part of Hubei Province. It has more than 200 employees and produces nearly 2 million pieces of various types of rock drilling tools. It is a member of China Brazing Steel Drilling Association. The factory-produced (KING KONG) brand rock drilling tools are famous brand products and also a famous trademark in Hubei Province.

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Customer service

Objectively innovate empowered manufactured products whereas parallel platforms.

Our products Range from Top hammer Drilling Tools to Down the Hole Drilling Tools and King Kong Brand also apply to DTH Drilling Tools and become red color.

On February 18, the industry’s first large 6T electrohydraulic hammer was settled in the 5C workshop, and the company’s production process extended to the production of round steel bars. As a supporting 3T electrohydraulic hammer, it cooperated with it, which made the company say goodbye to the history of large and ultra-large drill blanks requiring outsourcing processing and also made the company take a big step towards the development and production of high-end drilling tools. Good things followed.

The second phase of the expanded complex building was completed and put into full use.The company’s office, accommodation, dining, parking and culturalenvironment were greatly improved. The company became more and more The second new workshop of “KingKong” was built intoa heavy drill rod workshop. On August 6, the first batch of products in the heavydrill rod workshop was released and officially put into the market.

Up to now,KING KONG Company” has obtained nearly 20 kinds of technology patentsand dozens of honorary titles such as “National High-tech Enterprise”, “HunanNew Material Enterprise”, “China Small Giant Enterprise”, and “Hunan EnterpriseTechnology Center”. Under the current uncertain market environment, the company is forging ahead, constantly expanding, and striding forward to a betterfuture!

Plan to Market

Holisticly predominate extensible testing procedures for supply.

Market to Growth

Dramatically engage top-line web services vis-a-vis deliverables.

King Kong Drills also began to produce the exploration drilling tools from this year which including the exploration drill bits & reaming shells, drill rods&casings, coring system and accessory tools&equipments.

The Main products include global standard, King Kong Standard and also customized products. We also cooperated with a lot of other famous Chinese factories including the JINSHI drill tech etc. Our main clients including the Epiroc, Boartlongyear etc.

Anbit 350m Water Well Drilling


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Visualize quality

As the business growing and we began to cooperated with a lot famous compaines who produce the rock drill rigs including the Hydraulic drill rigs, water well drill rigs etc.

Whenever you need a pilot hole in a marble quarry, a core sampling hole, a blasthole for construction or mining. We have the drill rig that will suit your needs.

Our range of drill rigs including: Dimension stone equipment, Exploration drilling rigs, Face drill rigs(Jumbos),  Production drill rigs, Rotary blasthole drill rigs, Surface drill rigs, Well drilling rigs.

We also began to produce or provide the spare parts for these drill rigs etc incluing the customized services.



Plan for Future

Visualize quality

We have withstood the impact of the epidemic for three years and will start a new chapter in the next 10 years.

We have withstood the impact of the epidemic for three years and will start a new chapter in the next 10 years.

Now We are building the new cooperation models all over the world, We hope to find Our Agents in each countries or markets which we also will support them 100% to grow together in the future.

Please contact us: info@drilling-tools.com if you want to be our agents in your market.

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