DTH Bits to Russian client KNSH110

December 29, 2023by Drilling-tools0

DTH Bits to Russian client

Hello everyone,KingKong is really busy at the New year approaches.

Look at theses DTH bits and thread bits that just been made,ready ro be packed and shipped to Russia.


P110-110mm KNSH button bits
P110-110mm KNSH button bits


P110-110mm KNSH button bits

Cir110-110mm Low air pressure DTH Button Bit

T45-76mm thread button bits

If you want to know more details about the products,you could click this logo

P120 Russian DTH bit 5

Cir110-110mm Low air pressure DTH Button Bit
Cir110-110mm Low air pressure DTH Button Bit

P120 Russian DTH bit 4P105mm Russian DTH bit 1

Because of it’s good reputation,excellent service and outstanding quality,

KingKong has accumulated a lot of old customers and won the favor of many new customers.

If you need rock drilling tools,please contact us soonly。

The sooner contact us,the sooner you get the goods.

Please contact info@drilling-tools.com if want more helps from us.




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