Middle Autumn Festival Holiday Inform from King Kong

September 9, 2022by Drilling-tools0

China Middle Autumn Festival Holiday start from 10th,September to 13th,Spe.

King Kong Drills company always care about our workers and are always insist in the People are the first.

All of the workers including the Technicial department, Sales department, Financial department, Logistic department, Produce department, Warehouse department etc will have 3 days holiday and all of people can back home to celebrate with their families.

We also give all of the Workers Mooncake as the gifts.Hope all of our brothers and systers are happiness.

We are also sorry to all of our Loyal clients that we will have a 3 days holiday and all of the manufacturing will stop and logistic also will stop too.

But Our sales department are still keep 3*24hours online and everyone’s email , Phone, whatsapp, wechat etc are still keep working.Please feel free to contact them if you have any demands or questions.

Best regards to all of our clients and friends.



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