University-Enterprise Cooperation for Development, Deep Integration for the Future – Vice President Li Quan’an of Henan University of Science and Technology visited our company

June 6, 2022by Drilling-tools0

On May 13, Vice President Li Quanan of Henan University of Science and Technology led a team to visit our company to discuss school-enterprise cooperation. Our general manager Yang Yue and the person in charge of relevant departments of our company attended the activity.20220606155638Communication between company leaders and school authorities

General Manager Bruce Lee expressed his warm welcome to the arrival of Vice President Li Quan’an and his party, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the school for its long-term care and support to the development of the enterprise. And he made a detailed introduction to the teachers about the enterprise profile, development history, staff training and future development of the enterprise. Mr. Yang said that Henan University of Science and Technology has unique disciplinary advantages, and the school and the enterprise have carried out fruitful work in related aspects, and the cooperation prospect is very broad. He hoped to strengthen communication and cooperation with Henan University of Science and Technology in various aspects, and looked forward to the school sending more excellent talents to the company.

20220606155648On behalf of the school, Vice President Li Quan’an also expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of Luoyang Golden Heron. He introduced the basic situation of the school and the creation of “first-class disciplines”, talent training and students’ employment and entrepreneurship, etc. He said that the school attaches great importance to the employment and entrepreneurship of graduates and hopes to strengthen the cooperation between the two sides and give full play to their respective advantages to create better opportunities for students’ employment.


Yao Gang, director of the Admission and Employment Office of Henan University of Science and Technology (HUST), introduced the purpose and significance of the special activity of visiting enterprises to promote employment and the situation of HUST graduates. Zhang Keke, Dean of College of Materials Science and Engineering, introduced the discipline construction and talent cultivation of the college.

Then Vice President Li Quan’an and his party visited the exhibition hall and production workshop and learned in detail the development history and main industrial structure of Xiamen Tungsten and Luoyang Golden Heron. They also expressed their sincere admiration for our production environment and on-site management level, and had a great change of view on the traditional manufacturing industry.


At the end of the trip, the participants of this exchange took a group photo for a souvenir. Both sides also expressed their confidence in school-enterprise cooperation again, and hoped to carry out more cooperation in the future, so that this exchange meeting was successfully concluded.


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