Big News Between King Kong Drills and LKAB company

May 18, 2021by Drilling-tools0

Big News Between King Kong Drills and LKAB company

In the month of April, We got the Sweden company’s inquiry for Low air pressure DTH button bits.

After severl time’s negotiation, they know that we are the real and big manufacture which produced for Atlas copco in the China market. Then they spent Almost one month to investigate our company ability and Qualification.  Finally we got their recognised and began our formal negotiatoin.

Now they need about 5000-6000pcs low air pressure DTH button bits and they bought these bits from Sandvik and Atlas copco before, they decide to test our quality firstly after checking our ability.
And they plan to produce by themself when they heard that we can produce the Tungsten caebide inserts by ourself.

So we Finally we reached agreement with testing the cir90-90mm bits samples and also the tungsten carbide inserts too.

The pictures of sending goods 3
YK05 tungsten carbide inserts

The pictures of sending goods 1The pictures of sending goods 4The pictures of sending goods 2

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